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“Our executive leadership team has appointed me to consult local and national bodies to glean a better understanding of the unmet / under met needs in Canadian society, and what our health care organization can do to lend our voice with others to help bring about positive change.”
But if this consultation may be mutually beneficial in providing an opportunity for the Provincial CWL Council themselves to step back and reflect on what new societal issues or unmet needs are emerging that may be calling for a response from the CWL, then it could be worthwhile invest a hour of your agenda time.  Again, assuming this may be worthwhile to the CWL.  Certainly, the CWL input will help to inform our own advocacy agenda going forward, as I know your organization always has a good sense and the pulse of the community. I have until mid-late February to complete this work, which will then be tabled for board committee discussion in early March."
Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and preparation for the presentation by
Gordon Self. D.Min., Vice President, Mission, Ethics and Spirituality, Covenant Health  


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Please take the time to read and share the

CCCB’s statement on Opioid Crisis and Drug Addiction

It includes areas where we can help, also a section on Marijuana Legislation and Alcohol Abuse. 

Pope Francis is referring to these issues as “a new form of slavery’.

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