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CWL Raises Concerns over Transgender Law

Communiqués and Reports

 Resolutions Communique 1 - September 2019

Resolutions Oral Convention Report - June 2018

Resolutions Communique 3 - April 2018

Resolutions Communique #2- November 2017

Resolutions Communique #1 - November 2017


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Provincial Resolutions

2019.01 In-School Dental Screening

2018.01 Obesity as a Chronic Disease

2014.04 Income Qualification for Alberta Dental and Optical Benefits for Single Seniors

2014.03 Revoke Passports of Convicted Canadian Pedophiles

2014.02 Ban on Flavoured Tobacco Products

2014.01 Limiting Disclosure of the Sex of the Fetus

2013.03 Lyme Disease and Co-infections: Education and Research Funding

2007.02 Proper Burial of Pre-born Human Remains