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     Advent Communique - November 2020

 Spiritual Development Communique 4 - LENT - February 2020

Spiritual Development Communique 3 - January 2020

Spiritual Development Communique 2 - October 2019 

Spiritual Development Communique 1 - October 2019

Spiritual Development Communique 2 March 2019

Spiritual Development Communique 6 January 2019



 Everyone is encouraged to pray the rosary - especially on Tuesday (designated for our province) In the latter part of 2014 all CWL council members in Canada were asked to set aside one day a week to pray a rosary for peace - specifically to end the violence in the Middle East. To facilitate this process each province was assigned a day and Alberta Mackenzie was blessed with Tuesday. We are being encouraged to continue to petition our Blessed Mother on Tuesdays through the prayer of the rosary as we know that she has promised to answer our prayers.

Rosary - Sorrowful Mysteries written by Judy Look


We encourage all councils to focus on the sacraments as a way of life as well as encouraging all councils to add an educational component to their spirituals.  Attached you will final a spiritual developed to focus on Baptism.  I am suggesting that you might use it for the April meeting as it is Easter and we will be renewing our Baptismal promises.  As you all read through the attachment you will find the first page is a handout with excerpts from the Catholic Catechism and Pope Francis which encourages all of us  to read and reflect on.  I think we all need to be encouraged to learn more about our faith through the teachings of the Church.  This first instalment really forms the template for spiritual programs for the other sacraments.

To the spiritual development chairs the attachment can be used as it or modified as you see fit.  The italicized portions are instructions and the handout is to be given to the members to be used in the meeting but also to take home as information.


 Lap Quilt Blessing Prayer Service

 12 hours of Prayer Agenda - May 4 2017

Memorial Service for Deceased Members adapted October 2016

Pilgrimage Prayer Service | .PDF format | .doc format | -added Jan29/16

Smudging Prayer Sept 2015

Here is the link to report Deceased Members Reporting Deceased Members.pdf>. Please note that this form is sent directly to National Office only. After processing, National will forward the information to both Provincial and Diocesan councils for their records.

Retreat Houses in Alberta | list | -added Oct2016

Catholic Education NOVENA - Autumn 2015 | CWL pdf version |
original <
Guided Rosary on Caring for Creation (2015), courtesy Franciscan Action Network |
Let Us Create a Climate of Change prayer (D&P contest winner)