Some archives for the Provincial Council are stored in the Glenbow Museum in Calgary for the early years of the League until 1985. The link will take you directly to the archives and you can search for interesting information.

The remainder to the most recent archives are stored at the Alberta Provincial Archives from about 1960s to present. The link will take you to page 10 in the Provincial Council archive list, and you can then search in either direction! If you would like to see a particular article, you will have to visit the archives in person.

The procedure to access the Provincial Archives is to visit the reading room and ask for the items you wish to see.\

Reports and Communiques

Past President Communique#1 October 2017

Past President Report 2017 January 

Past President Report 2016 Convention

Past President Report 2016 January

Past President Report 2015 Fall

Past President Annual Report 2014

Past President Communique#1-2014 January

Past President Annual Report 2013

Past President Report 2012 Fall

Past President Report 2012 Convention

Past President Report 2012 Jan

Past President Annual Report 2012

Past President Communique#3-2012 November

Past President Communique#2-2012 October

Past President Communique#1 2011 October

Past President Report 2011 September

Past President Communique#2-2010 September